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How to get to Brazzaville

Capital is Brazzaville

Currency is XAF

Area; Total is 324.000 Km2

Water; 500 Km2

Land ; 341,500 Km2

Passport Validity; Must have at least six months validity remaining

Currency restrictions for entry; The total of combination of foreign currency cannot exceed 5 million XOF approximativelly USD 10.000.

Currently restrictions for exit; Taking XAF of the country requires a bank or cashier s receipt to be presented to immigration.

A number of global carriers provide frequent flights to Brazzaville from convenient global hubs. Below please find a non-exhaustive list of direct flights to Brazzaville. If you require travel assistance please contact our travel agent, Jack Gaffney. He can be reached by telephone at +242 069787319 or by email at

Brazzaville is a short flight from Pointe Noire on ECAIR. Des d├ęparts pour Pointe Noire sont assur├ęs depuis : Flights to Pointe Noire can be found from: - Frankfurt via Libreville on Lufthansa - Johannesburg via South African Airways - Paris via Air France and ECAIR

Once you have confirmed your trip in Congo-Brazzaville, the WILD SAFARI TOURS Team will reach out to you to provide assistance in securing your visa..


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